2 Day Show and Camping Pass, 2018

2 Day Show and Camping Pass, 2018


This gets you a 2 Day Pass with the option to camp Saturday July 28th and Sunday July 29th. Hear the sweet morning bird songs before everything begins, and have the full OMF experience!

The organizers of Onion Music Festival think of you as family! We want to keep you updated on how we continue to grow and blossom. We’ve increased our ticket prices to $65 to help cover the costs of paying our amazing musicians, purchasing environmentally friendly toilets, and bringing incredible new experiences to Onion Music Fest!

This year we are implementing a $15 parking fee. Parking is limited, and through this we are promoting carpooling. If you bring four people or more we will reimburse you and give you a high five for helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Check out our Facebook event page to coordinate with other amazing people near you!

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